Why Cruise?

Cruising is a great way to see new places and relax on a “floating hotel”.   From European River Cruises, to Alaskan Cruises, to Caribbean Cruises, there really is a cruise for everyone.
A typical cruise stops in multiple ports on each sailing, which is wonderful because you can experience cultures in multiple places (and even countries) in a span of a week.  I’ve cruised in the Caribbean multiple times, as well as to Alaska.  I’ve been a part of big groups, as well as gone with just my wife, and also with my family.

Cruise FAQs

Well that depends.  There are cruises for every person and every occasion.  Contact Blue Sea Vacations, and we’ll work together to find the best cruise that fits you.

If you are prone to motion sickness, speak with your medical professional beforehand.  Typically, you can get medications to help.  Some over the counter options that we’ve found successful: ginger pills, ginger chews, and Dramamine.  Also, plain old fresh air and ginger ale.

Many times travel agents have access to special deals that you wouldn’t be able to find.  Also, the “teaser” fares that you find on many discount sites aren’t accurate or correct.

Absolutely not!  In fact, cruises have diversified so much, that there is a cruise for everyone.  Families, couples, groups, and seniors can all find their places on many different cruises.