Dedicated Agent at Your Service

Brian Pittelli grew up in the hospitality industry as his dad owned a hotel in Albany, New York. In 2013, while living in Wisconsin, an opportunity came about for Brian to own his own travel agency. Combining his passion for travel, organizing, helping people, and providing outstanding service, Blue Sea Vacations was formed.

Based in the greater Madison, WI region, Brian can help you plan your dream vacation. Whether you are close by, or in another state, he helps clients all over the country with their travel needs.

Brian Pittelli - Owner/Travel Enthusiast

Here are some of Brian's travel favorites.

All-Inclusive Resort: Sun Palace, Cancun, Mexico

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

European City: Berlin

Airport: DTW – Detroit, MI

Travel Items – white noise machine

Drink at pool – Gin and Tonic

Food – Pizza (even when it isn’t great, it’s still good!)

Bucket List Trips:

1) Egypt

2) Phuket, Thailand

Last Trip: Upstate New York to visit family

Next Trip: Mexico for a family getaway in November 2019.

Favorite Part about Being a Travel Agent: When clients return from amazing vacations and describe what an incredible time they had.

4 Principles of Blue Sea Vacations

1. Good Flights
I don’t want you to spend more time flying to destination than you need to. I’ll search high and low to get you the best (hopefully direct!) flights.
2. Superior Service
At Blue Sea Vacations, you can contact us anytime day or night. You have my personal cell phone number to contact. My goal is to make your life easier, not harder.
3. No Surprises
I hate unpleasant surprises when traveling, and I want to make sure you don’t experience any on your vacation! I give as much info as possible about pricing and expectation up front, so you won’t have to worry about anything popping up when you’re away!
4. I'm Constantly Traveling
I aim to travel multiple times per year. As much as I can talk the talk, I know I need to walk the walk to help you better!
5. Title